Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

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Dr. Havey Olufunmilayo, a UK-based Nigerian Medical Doctor has revealed why Chieme Martins, the Nasarawa player who slumped after a collision with an opposition player from Kastina United yesterday.

According to the Medical expert who is based in London, he revealed that the Late Chime died of “Cardiac Arrest”. He said “anyone that suffers cardiac arrest, just like the late player, will collapse, become unconscious and suddenly stop breathing because their heart has stopped.”

According to the medical expert, he noted that in case of next time, the following things should be done to save players or any individual who suffers from cardiac arrest.

He stated that “someone should kneel beside the person who collapsed, and start Chest compression. Chest compression is done by placing the heel of one hand in the middle of their chest and put the other on top, interlock your fingers and then push down. Push up and down at a rate of two per second and 30 pushes at a go.”

He noted that Chest compressions is not resting on the chest of a collapsed person or shaking a collapsed person repeatedly.

According to Dr. Havey Olufunmilayo, chest compressions is the most important life saving step for a person that collapses or slumps.

Do not pour water on them, nor stand on them, not hit their feet, not forcing their mouth open.

He concluded by saying an ambulance and ensure the victim gets to the hospital soon.

May the soul of the deceased player rest in perfect peace.

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