Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

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It’s no long a news that every country is battling and looking for a way to curb the spread of Coronavirus in there various countries which Nigeria is not an exception. Many countries have decided to mandate there citizens to stay at home which I don’t think is the only way out. Many countries like Taiwan, South Korea and some other countries have succeeded dreaded COVID-19 without mandating there citizens to stay at home. If Nigeria must achieve that, they must take the following steps.

The first step Nigeria should take if they want to defeat Coronavirus is to start massive production of face mask and hand gloves. And make it compulsory that before anyone goes out of the house, he or she must put on face mask and those that disobeyed the order should be arrested and punished.

Secondly, there should be testing centres in each wards and testing should be made compulsory in such a way that if you are not tested, you will not be attended in the bank or in any government offices and agencies. And once you are tested, you would be given free hand sanitizer.

Thirdly, every individual that enters this country, no matter how highly placed must be quarantined for at least two weeks before he or she would be allowed to join the rest of the society.

Staying at home is good but it can’t really help to curb the spread of pandemic. Staying at home on the other hand can be dangerous. We have heard of a case where by a father contracted the virus and ended up distributing it to all the members of the family only because they are all together. But had it been that the man does go out on daily basis with his face mask and come back late at night, the tendency on him infecting all the members of his family will be very low.

Let our government officials think twice because the citizens are going alot right now.

God bless Nigeria.

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