Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

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There is no gain re echoing the fact that RT. Hon Emeka Stanley possesses all the qualities,capabilities,charisma, proactiveness, resourcefulness and unparalleled love for our dear party and mien to occupy the important position of State Chairman of PDP in Abia State
.His sacrifices and dedicated services to the party in the past and present are eloquent testimonies to the fact that he is cut out for party leadership at that level and more,since the position of State Party Chairman requires a matured man with requisite experience,intellect,wit,courage, versatility and good physical/health condition.

RT. Hon Emeka Stanley, a former Ukwa East L. G. A Vice Chairman,former Deputy Speaker, Abia House Of Assembly,Former Special Adviser to Governor on Projects,former Commissioner for Works,former member Federal House of Representatives and former Chairman of ASOPADEC is trusted,tested,disciplined,amiable,resourceful and a dynamic leader with very high political pedigree.

The position of State party chairman is a serious business and it is for serious minded people/ goal oriented people like RT. Hon Emeka Stanley. It is not an all comers affair.

RT. Hon Emeka Stanley’s efforts in galvanizing grass roots support for the administration of our dear governor,Okezie Victor Ikpeazu Ph.D and PDP in Abia State as well as the roles he has been playing in giving PDP electoral victories in Ukwa East in particular and Abia State in general are enough reasons to consider him for the post, not to talk of his personal resources that he has been spending in building and sustaining enduring grassroots political structures like Unity Club International,Ofuobi International club,Dynamic Friends Organisation  and over twenty other pro PDP groups that he either cofounded or is patron to(a quality which other contestants do not have),as well as servicing political cleavages and laundering the image of our dear party. Especially during the last senatorial primaries when he worked tirelessly for a shot at the Red Chamber and at other times.

This time presents an opportunity for our dear governor and party leaders to reward RT. Hon Emeka Stanley for all his loyalty, unparalleled love, selfless services and dedication to PDP in Abia State knowing that when he mounts the saddle of party leadership,the party will be moved to more enviable heights and will record more electoral successes given his high political profile,experience,sagacity,clout,popularity,ruggedness and humane disposition.

May God guide the governor,our party leaders and the good people of Ukwa East and Abia State in general in making a most rewarding and wonderful choice of RT. Hon Emeka Stanley as the State PDP chairman for enthronement of discipline, hard work,dedication,result orientedness, equity, and accountability.

I hereby call on all members of our great party PDP in Abia State to consider merit,productivity,maturity,dynamism,charisma,experience,hard work and excellence as cardinal points in making their choice of a formidable Chairman of the party in the State.

They should do away with all manner of sentiment and refuse to sacrifice the party on the alter of mediocrity because the political battle ahead is not for upstarts or inexperienced persons.

It should be well understood that any mistake made now in installing an inefficient person as Chairman will spell doom for the party and may affect the future political gains of the party.
It should also be known that the other opposition parties are praying fervently for a weak State party chairman of PDP in the State.

The party leaders in the State should as a matter of seriousness consider RT. Hon Emeka Stanley for the Position because he is the most experienced, most loyal,most trusted,most dedicated, most hardworking, most detribalized,most intelligent,and most qualified for the job of State Party Chairman.

God Bless Abia State,God bless PDP,God bless Okezie Victor Ikpeazu Ph.D,God Bless RT. Hon Emeka Stanley and give him victory.

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