Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

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By Mezie Abia

Just yesterday, we were told through electronic media, print media, and various media houses that the EFCC quizzes Rt. Hon. Chinedum Orji, following a petition brought before the EFCC, by a set of failed political propagandists who hitherto, are still boxing in the shadow to the detriment of common sense.

While you read and digest this story , I implore you to free your mind from bigoted bias, partisanship and sentimental travesty, so you could be able to make balanced judgement on this matter which concerns the public.

On this note, let me swerve a bit to say that the psychological problem with sworn enemies is that, they are characteristically hellbent on absolute antagonism; a tactless attitude which often exhibit lowliness and lack of balanced judgement.
The fact that you desperately intend to prosecute, destroy or even assassinate someone’s character does not prevent you from distinguishing truth from fib.

When you’re able to distinguish truth from fib, it demonstrates that you have, in fairness, weighed up the evidence of accusation against the account of truth, and be able to finally form a balanced judgement without prejudice or travesty.

One common thing about those overhyping the issue of the petition against the Orji’s family is that they all inherited their embalmed brain from the same pod of a poisoned tree. They are all programmed to dance on a certain negative platform which prevents them from seeing anything positive in anything or in any person, or still, in the man deemed to be the masquerade of the paper tigers.

Cruel as king Herod and Pontius Pilate were, they also tried to award some credibility to Jesus, so that they could balance up their judgement in justification for crucifixion. If you assume to be rational on this issue as a concerned citizen, then always remember to firstly weigh up the truth against fib before forming your opinion.

The real gist – Chinedum Orji like any other law abiding Nigerian was last week invited by the EFCC for questioning. This was consequent to a petition written by a few persons masquerading under the guise of ”Save Nigeria group”
By the norms and subroutine of what Nigeria practices as a democratic nation, it is permissible and tolerable for anyone to lay allegations pending viable proof beyond reasonable doubt. By the virtue of what our jurisprudence require indispensably, to satisfy a certain pillar of justice, an accused person is also susceptible to be invited for questioning whenever the need such as this arises.

It is believable to say that the cronies jubilating over mere invitation, which is as usual as anything usual have no knowledge of how bureaucracy works in any democratic setting. The law stands anywhere in the world that an accused person is as innocent as innocence itself unless proven otherwise by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Invitation to prove innocence following a petition does not amount to guilt nor conviction; it doesn’t even light a legal bulb as the case may be.
In Nigeria, similar cases keep revolving. Let’s recall the case and the aftermath punishment doled upon a certain whistle blower who blew wrong whistle to the EFCC.
Our colloquial pidgin adage would always say” No be person wey first call police dey win case”
That one wrote petitions to the EFCC doesn’t make one’s claims genuine and or true in any man’s balance sheet.

It is worrisome owing to the fact that trial by media has marred senses and sensibilities in this clime, and save for animosity and travesty of justice, no sane person would convict his fellow man by mere allegations which remain unfounded.

The sentimental and unwarranted culture of character assassination – a big problem in the state called Abia. Unfortunately for the cronies, law doesn’t see any value in sentimental outcries. Sadly, the culprits are also the so-called educated ones who always put their foot in mouth. They are often too eager to flow blindly with the bandwagon, who point accusatory fingers with false and unsubstantiated criminal allegations against any successful person in the land.

Always learn more before you become a Facebook prosecutor or jurist.


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