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The NBA Presidency is not the exclusive preserve of SANs

The NBA Presidency is not the exclusive preserve of SANs

By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

The NBA Presidency is not the exclusive forte of SANs.

You can be a SAN and you no little about Bar Administration and Bar Activities.

But you can be a Bar Man,who understands the crucibles of Bar Administration, even when you are not an SAN .

There are over 100 Thousand Lawyers in Nigeria and less than 800 SANs living and dead .Where is our avowed love for democracy, when by our nuisances we seem to promote the minority over the majority. What we have had in the NBA before now is minority rule and majority docility .

Democracy thrives on the axiom :”That the majority will have their way ,while the minority will have their say “.

We as Lawyers must practice what we preach .Enough of the hopocrisy .Let us be frank .The tajectory of choosing our Presidents have not been democratic. We are confined to three or four SANs,every two years when we have a lot  more Lawyers that have ideas that will revolutionarize our Association .We are all Lawyers .Let us elect our President based on competence and not based on titles .

We can not surrender the Leadership of our Association to less than one percent of the demography of our Association.
Truth is bitter and it hurts .

My name is Douglas Ogbankwa Esq. and I say it as it is .

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