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The Malamis and the Pantamis are the Tsunami of our decaying system

Would you entrust the scale of national justice system in the hands of a man whose sense of balanced judgment is acutely lopsided? Sons and daughters of a nepotistic godfather whose mouths speak peace, yet their body languages are contradictorily laced with venom.

It’s not the 1999 Constitution that is incorporeal, it’s the eerie custodian and one-way traffic interpreters of the law. When you are asked to focus on the north, your monocle sees only what you chose to see.

And the good news is that, nobody needs to call you daft and stupid; you only have to rewind the tape and listen to your own preposterous arguments before the world camera. Attorney General of which country? A senior Advocate – Excuse me. It has to be a banana republic or a vegetable federation who appoints such a fine-mess of a man to defend the integrity of a national justice system.

Simply imagine Malami as a judge presiding over a case between the North and the South. Can you foresee prejudice? Can you see travesty of justice? Can you see someone taking diabolical liberties? Can you envisage sense and sensibility missing even from the start? Those are the bunch of northern plebs President Buhari spent the last 6 years in office appointing as cabinet members and others as judges of our various judicial institutions. Sense of national integration and coordination – Zero.

Mind you – this is not about the open grazing prohibition law. This is about the Attorney General of the federation having no knowledge of the fact that no freedom of any definition, granted under the provisions of the Human Rights law is absolute – a legal case scenario that would not take even a first year law student up to two seconds to determine. If freedom of movements are wishes and horses, why would we need visas to travel? Anyone can just jump on the plane and exercise their freedom of movement to anywhere in the world.

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Mr. Attorney general, so auto-part dealers who conduct their businesses of legitimate buying and selling; and terrorists who kill innocent people, and kidnappers who demand ransoms, and cowherders who destroy farms are the same? We have seen peaceful countries with no written constitution at all; it is the people in government and not the law per se that is resolute.

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It therefore implies that, when written law appears ineffective enough to do what it should do, it’s obviously not the law per se, but the bent custodians of a rickety constitution. If southerners cannot freely run their beer parlours in the north, and the law and bylaw remain enforceable, then what is good for the goose is bloody good for the gander. Movement of northerners has never been restricted in the South, but movement of northerners herding open grazing cows destroying crops and farms. Is that clear Mr. Malami?

– Mezie Abia




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