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The long awaited local government election having being fixed on the 19th of December, 2020, is now a reality thanks to our democratic loving Governor Okezie victor Ikpeazu PhD for institutionalizing Democratic norms which had enabled the second round of Local Government Election since assumption of office,a deviation from the use of Transition committees by the previous administrations in the state.

The local government election without apologies is  seen to be the most crucial and important election  ever conducted in any electoral System, here leaders who are to oversee governance at the grassroot are selected and possibly elected into power.

Those elected are in turn entrusted with the control of our common wealth, which are expected to be judiciously used to develop the council areas considering these and more, there is every need for a concerted effort in the selection of candidates to contest for the local government election,which credibility must be the guiding principle.

The question now is

What actually qualifies credibility, to our understanding, credibility of candidates could be asserted based on  antecedents of  candidates in their previous positions of responsibilities, their level of performance in the overall development of the area under their control.

Secondly, their method of emergence, credible leadership are not smuggled, muzzled or forced on the people, some candidates are imposed, some emerges through undue influence while others are chosen by popular demand and acceptance,these and more are indices for credibility.

In all who are we expecting to emerge in our Local Government as chairman or in our wards as councillors? we must shine our eyes as to choosing credible candidates who will deliver on our much needed desire for quality  leadership devoid of any selfish consideration.

Leaders that are properly investigated from their homes to be of good breed and behaviour.

God fearing leaders who are not  segregating in nature.

Surprisingly, election in our present political dispensation, is lost and won during party primaries as he who emerges  is automatically believed to have won the election this development  a  negation of right of choice and decision  taking by the electorates, undermines the expectations for credibility and in turn results to bad governance and the predominance of party influence, as loyalty is shifted from the electorates to the  party leaders and primary election delegates who are seen to have been instrumental to their emergence.

Considering these and more,It is my candid opinion and call for transparency and level playing ground  right from party primaries to the elections proper for the emergence of credible and acceptable candidates for leadership in our Local Governments as posterity will vindicate the just.

Enough of mediocrity , selfishness parochial and sectional interest in the distribution of our common wealth.

Let us note this undisputable fact that rewards awaits your service to humanity.

So irrespective of party or sectional interest, let us think and act like those created in the likeness of God by choosing the right and acceptable candidates that will speak and act the minds of the electorates.

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Scripted by Elder Godwin Nwosu( Anipr)

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