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The instrument called Oja

The instrument called Oja

The Oja flute hails from eastern Nigeria and is often used with Nigerian instruments such as the ekwe, udu, igba, gong and shakers.

This unique whistle ‘talks’ while drummers drum and dancers dance.

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During masquerade dances in eastern Nigeria, the oja flutist leads the drumming and praise singing.

An Ojamaster is be able to produce several sounds directly analogous with spoken words.


Dancers also move to the tune of the oja flute as if it were a drum or other rhythmic instrument.

If an important person enters the performance space, the oja flutist may use this instrument to announce the name of such person.

The oja is also played at home without other instruments, or in the evening as a serenade accompaniment while strolling with a friend or life partner.

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