Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

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Success Requires Courage

Success Requires Courage

Success reminds your haters of their failures. The most successful people are those who broke the rules. Those who didn’t waste time trying to validate themselves through the eye of public opinion. The voice of the masses is NOT the voice of God. Often, masses hate truth and persecute revolutionaries.

It takes courage to be different. If you don’t want haters, look like the average guy in the streets. Think and talk like them. Dress like them. Do your hair like them. Live where they live. Drink what they drink. If you neutralize your uniqueness, you’ll fit squarely in Club Average and very few will ever see the need to throw stones at you.

It takes courage not to lose your identity. It takes courage to be successful. It’s easier to fail. Success attracts fights. Continuous fights. There’s no resting ground for movers and shakers. Misery loves company. Failure hides in crowds. Failure hates those who stand out. Failure and inaction are bed-fellows.


The average talk about the successful. People don’t waste time discussing the fellow who’s doing nothing. If you have no critic, you’re doing absolutely nothing. If you attract one or two haters, you’re an average kid. If you attract many haters, you’re playing in the premier league. Success attracts and repels in equal measure. Focus on your game. While the average are busy studying winners, winners are busy winning.


The world is full of critics. Don’t add to the existing and overwhelming statistic. Be an encourager. Whenever you encourage someone, you defeat the enemy. Send a text right now to someone by phone and tell them they’ll make it in that relationship, career, business… just share a word of encouragement. Will you?

Dr. K. N. Jacob.

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