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Below are the excerpts of the key note speech delivered by Mr. Chinenye Nwaogu at the ongoing #startupsouth summit currently going on in Enugu

Things like this require tough and hard work
It’s like dreams only you will believe in.
Tech is the way to go, its the new economy, it has no boundaries, Knows no religion, colour, race or gender.
Tech is creating multi billionaires globally and we cant lag behind
Nigeria is a huge green opportunity needing tapping
Nigeria’s population is young and we are going to grow that way going forward.
So, how do we manage the huge population and turn it into an advantage instead of a burden
Tech is the answer. We must embrace it and use it to help our people. Tech is already changing the way we think, work and do almost everything.
From education, health, governance, financial services, agribusiness, name it tech is driving all sectors.

How then do we position as a people, government and economy to leverage tech and create millions of jobs for our people especially youths.

We must develop value chains, scale up and accelerate to expand opportunities, that way more people come into the ecosystem. Our processes require a lot of innovation, we must serve our people properly only tech can help accelerate that.

In Rwanda, Kagame is using drones to deliver drugs faster to health centers in rural communities.

In Abia, through the Ikpeazu telehealth initiative, PHC are linked online and realtime with a call centre with 24/7 expert doctors tending to patients and connecting them to pharmaceutical shops. This way there is improvement in health care.

I recently coordinated the setting up of a Micro Finance Bank known as Abia SME Microfinance Bank to support SMEs with huge bias in favour youth and women.
Earlier in 2015, we launched E4E, Education for Employment basically as a platform to enumerate, train and equip unemployed youths in the state. Currently we have over 36,000 persons in our database over 4,000 have been through one programme or the other.

Our made in Aba promotional project has gained greatly from tech. One Daniel Chinagozi, CEO Ighub Aba is training developers in their numbers and they are developing homegrown and tailor made products for both the local space and global community. His work includes, 10,000 SMEs – Boost With Facebook. 340 Developers and Netpreneurs – PIND
Incubated 3 Startups – Ford Foundation
Incubated 10 Startups – Startup Nigeria
Currently, they have developed kwuo-an e-payment platform, inaga an e-transport platform for the local market.
Currently training teachers in 25 States on Integrating Online Safety into School Curriculum PPDC/ Google

Without sounding immodest, our human Capital development indices has been on the steady rise since 2015. In partnership with an Australian NGO, we are retaining our primary school teachers with emphasis on how to use technology at that level to enhance teaching and learning.

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The Abia e-library run a regular holiday coding and tech programmes for young children.
We are already putting finishing touches to a youth creative and innovation hub for ideation, incubation and growth.

Today you enter a city with postcodes and google maps you arrive destination with exactness.
Today, with a punch of few buttons we are moving billions on daily basis.
Today automechanics are using devices to do diagnosis.

Today in the health sector from diagnosis, consulting, prescription tech has greatly improved the way healthcare is provided.
Today, teaching and learning has been enhance with the help of tech, infact the globe has become a classroom.

Today in big cities just a tap on your phone a profiled taxi driver shows up and takes you to your destination.

The idea
Write it down
Research more
Develop a demo
Seek collaboration
Start small
We need innovative ideas in agriculture, health, education, waste management, revenue generation, governance, logistics, financial services etc.
Let’s get to work, because we have much to do!

To be continued…….

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