Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

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The positives from the letter of learned SAN Awomolo goes to buttress the point that we have a bitterly divided profession that must be fixed. There is obviously no difference between the Nigerian political class and the class of SANS. Both classes have something in common. Unhealthy dominance by the few over the majority. A divided house requires urgent rebuilding before the foundation finally gives way.

The positives from Chief Awomolo’s letter shows that a large number of our colleagues (senior and junior) are living 2-3 decades behind modernism. They are unaware that majority of lawyers in the modern world don’t go to court, talk less of aspiring to join the ranks of SAN, which they’ve successfully perpetuated in politics.

The positives from Chief Awomolo’s unfortunate letter exposes the fact that the rot in our profession flows from the top and we urgently need a non-SAN to objectively unravel the depth of the rot, otherwise, it will continue to be ‘business as usual’ and *NBA Presidency will remain in the realm of coronation title for lofty careers of SANs.

Chief’s letter clearly shows that there’s a divine hand causing the principalities within our profession to make mistakes and consequently open the eyes of a huge number of fence-sitters.

I will give one thing to Chief Awomolo though. He was bold enough to voice his sentiments. However, how do you describe SANs and aspiring SANs who partly share Chief Awomolo’s sentiments, but would rather be seen to be politically correct? Hypocritical bunch! How do you describe our colleagues who pitch their tent with the motive of looking good in the eyes of the class of SANs? Selfish lot. Chief Awomolo is better than a lot of lawyers who have distanced themselves from the content of his letter. Pls note that some of us aspire to be SAN, however we will never sacrifice the need to revolutionise our profession on the altar of selfish appeal to the privileged few in order to gain entry into the inner bar. We are deep enough to know that ALL powers in heaven and on earth belong to God.

Finally, the letter of the learned SAN Awomolo works in favour of OLUMIDE AKPATA. (Check out reactions on Social media).

My name is Aderemi Oguntoye and I wrote the above.

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