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The economic growth of a nation is no doubt dependent on the availability of functional infrastructures such as energy (power supply), roads, railways, water supply, education and a host of other amenities that converge to provide the required environment for the free flow of goods and service across the length and breadth of the country.

Honestly infrastructure development is the basis of measuring the performance of democratic leaders and it is the foundation of good democratic governance.

South East of Nigeria is one of the six geopolitical zones in the country. The region consists of the following states:

In terms of infrastructure, South East is the most under developed region in Nigeria. Based on this, Senator Stella Adaze Oduah representing Anambra North Senatorial District sponsored the Bill titled: “A Bill for an Act to establish the South East Development Commission(SEDC) in the Federal Republic of Nigeria to act as a catalyst to develop the commercial potential of the South East and other related matters”.

This bill on Thursday scaled second reading after intense debate from lawmakers mostly those from South East Zone.
NB: The Bill was re-presented for consideration after President Buhari declined assert to the bill which was passed in the 8th senate.

Sen. Stella Oduah in her lead debate maintained that the development commission would serve as a catalyst for the development of the commercial potential of the South-East region.

She further maintained that the region was one of the most undeveloped in terms of infrastructure, noting that the commission would formulate and implement policies to the advantage of the people in the region.

In his contribution, Sen. Rochas decried the plight of the south east people.

He said Igbo people of the South East are true Nigerians who could be found working hard in any part of the country and called on President Buhari to sign the bill, saying that lawmakers from the zone have supported bills that favoured the north irrespective of their political differences.

On his own part, Sen.T.A.Orji representing Abia Central Senatorial Zone said that the South East region has one of the best Human Development indicators in the country.

Ochendo described the Igbos as friendly, industrious, competitive, individualistic and enterprising. He insisted that the establishment of the commission (which he described as a response to the challenges of sustainable development in South Eastern Nigeria) will tackle infrastructural deficit and as well engage the youths in productive ventures in the region
Ochendo describe SEDC as a response to the challenges of sustainable development in South Eastern Nigeria

After Sen. T.A.Orji’s argument in favour of the bill. Senators from other zones immediately align with the bill saying that “as long as it was about development” there was a need for the creation of the Commission.

In his remark, Senate President Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan lauded Sen.T.A.Orji for his wonderful presentation and said that he supported the bill as the senate leader in the 8th senate, adding that the bill will ease development in the region.

He referred the bill to the senate committee on Establishment to turn in their report in four weeks.

As Sen.T.A.Orji continues to give his constituency and beyond quality representation, may we never cease to Pray for him and support his sincere efforts.

Bravo Ochendo Keep up the great work.

Chinweuba Wachukwu

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