Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

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The brotherly love train today spotted out my brother, a political grass rooter and a son of Umuelemoha Nbawsi, UGOCHUKWU ESIWOKE ( Sparko) our meeting was bent on intellectual discussion.

Next was a friend and my brother, a political ally, and a worthy son of Urata in Umuha, TEMPLE TOCHI ANYATUONWU. 

Hon. Anyatuonwu is of the PDP family whose homecoming was witnessed by the Executive Governor of our dear State, Victor Okezie Chibuikem Ikpeazu ( Ph.D).

Hon. Anyatuonwu is also a business guru and our meeting today was divine.

Next on our activities today was a wonderful time out with one of our finest blood in Isiala Ngwa North, a committed fellow, a political figure, a passionate giver and a chaireshed son of Iche, UBA CHIEMEZUE ANYAWU

Amongst other notable qualities of Uba Anyawu, he is also an ardent supporter of Governor Ikpeazu, and his love for the people of Isiala Ngwa North is second to none.

Our stay today was worthwhile, and the future still looks so bright. Uba, more grace I pray.

It was another wonderful moment with one of the major stakeholders in the Political corridors of Isiala Ngwa North, a renowned Engineer, service oriented personified, a worthy son of Umuosu Nsulu, ENGR. LEO OGBONNA

Engr. Ogbonna is presently the general manager of Abia State water board, a position he has held with so much trust.

Such a nice time with you Sir, I remain ever grateful.

It was a well concluded day, as I took time out to wine with a blossom friend, very dutiful, very sincere and also a very respectful fellow, ISAAC IWEH

Isaac Iweh is currently the Executive secretary of Education Trust Found, a commission that was carved out in our State under his brain child.

A well acknowledge gentle man by nature and a trusted son of Ntigha Okpuala.

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Our stay was quite fruitful, and we pray for better days ahead.

Let this brotherly love still Lead
Better days ahead

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