Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

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Great leaders find the balance between political foresight, performance and character. They have vision, courage, integrity, humility and focus along with the ability to plan strategically and activate cooperation amongst their team.

As a leader, the ability to maintain high level of trust comes through consistent actions, honesty, expertise, confidence and clarity.

Probably most significant is the dedication to values that are exhibited by the leader’s own behavior and the method by which one reinforces behavior in others.

Hon. BenKalu through his selfless leadership style has touched the lives of many, changing the old ways of doing things as he continued partnering with the Governor of Abia state Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu ( they call each other “Ogbonu” because the share the same name Okezie) for the better life of Ndi Bende. He has always maintained that he has only one Governor and that’s the Governor of Abia State. To him those in position of leadership need encouragement and support not only criticisms. Publicly and privately, he has shown this to Abians irrespective of political party affiliation, he has refused to forget they all had the same political foundation from a source .

He’s a known promoter of politics across party line, his inclusive leadership style in the constituency has enhanced peace, unity, human capital development and above all help in promoting our views as one people. He does not ask you the party you belong to when you meet him. The only ticket you need is to prove that you are from Bende Federal Constituency. He is very approachable, simple and has demystified the mystery around such political position . Many who expected him to change from his consistent character of humility has been frustrated. An unfounded tool used against him during his campaign , when detractors mistook his high level of confidence and courage for arrogance . Today we know better, that in him lies a leader with valuable attributes which inspires the youth and satisfies the old, whom he adores and accords respect in no small measure. Did you read his recent accolades to Hon PC Mba? Did you see how he mentioned the names of Hon .PC Onyegbu, Hon Ukwu Rocks etc as leaders who held his hands in his early days to guide him? Benkalu remains a chip well crafted by the hands of the Bende political masters, little wonder he is well groomed . A man he keeps no record of offence .

Hon. Kalu has partnered and is still partnering with Governor Victor Okezie Ikpeazu in the bid of providing the best dividend of democracy for his people of Bende federal constituency and Abia as well. I am always happy when I remember how the Governor the leader of PDP in Abia State described an APC law maker as “ fantastic legislator, representing not only Bende but Abia State”.

His efficient representation is second to none and never in doubt as a man with a second address in business and legal profession. I will like to be like Hon . Benjamin Kalu when I grow up; work hard not allowing family background to hold me down, earn money , help the poor, keep my business going and join politics to only serve people . This way I will not be a desperate politician since it is all about service . Sir you inspire us the younger generation a lot . Ensure you don’t change over the years because we are watching you closely .

Iheonu chukwuemeka
I am Proudly Bende.

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