Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

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GOVERNMENT SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Lockdown includes all markets



Stop trading or risk arrest

The Ministry of Trade and Investment is worried that traders in various relief and rural markets have continued to trade despite the huge risk of exposure to the deadly corona virus.

All those violating government order by trading in markets are by this announcement warned that law enforcement agents have been detailed to arrest and prosecute defaulters henceforth.

Markets, irrespective of where they situate or their size have not been exempted from the lock down. You are advised to obey this simple order for your health and orders.

To be specific, Orie Ugba Umuahia, Amauzukwu Relief Market, Umuahia, Ossah Market Umuahia, Umungasi Market Aba, AFO Ule Market Abayi Aba, Ama Ogbonna Relief Market, Aba, Achi Aru Market Omuma Road, Aba, Onions Market Uratta, Aba; Tonimas/Work Bank Market, Aba, Ehere Market Ogbor Hill and such other markets in various towns and villages should shut down immediately to avoid arrest and prosecution.

Rt. Hon. Cosmos Ndukwe Ph.D
Hon. Commissioner
Trade and Investment

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