Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

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GENOTYPE: A Wake up call!!!

GENOTYPE: A Wake up call!!!

Genotype and blood group are the first things you should both ask each other to be sure your hearts won’t be hurt later when you’ve invested so much of your time and energy. Such mistakes don’t trend anymore, because people have learnt to face reality. It is a simple question to ask even playfully.

In awe people still date blindly, taking very important things for granted, hoping things will fall in place when he proposes or she accepts.

Hmmm, there is no know magic that can change the Genotype of a person, if you know of any kindly state below my post.

My dear you may be shocked to see what you took as trivial, stop you both from being together forever.

Children are God’s blessings to your home, and to fulfil the procreation mandate. Would you be happy to bury them instead? I hope not.

Do please know your genotypes early enough to save you the trauma of watching them stay sick all the time or even burying them.

Save your self the pain of inconsistent Genotype results, visit Vicar Hope Foundation today and thank me later.

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