Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

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By Chibuike Godwin Onyendilefu

Welcome Dr.Okezie Victor Ikpeazu.I hope you had a well deserved rest.I also hope that you did all that you planned to do for Abia while away.

Sir,a lot happened in the short period you were away.I will only report just a few.
I won’t allow you to go through the whole hog reading and listening to everything including all the ones that don’t matter.

I therefore decided do an executive summary to encapsulate a little of the several good things and some of the nonsensical trash,so that you can browse through,have a cataclysmic laugh and move on to the very important concerns of the state.

The state has been peaceful.Oh yes,it has been.The congresses are going on.The processes have been so peaceful that you will imagine that nothing of such magnitude was happening.It has truly been a family affair.

The infrastructural developments have gained traction just the way you set them.The road constructions are the most affected.Everywhere you go,there is something cheery going on.

Eziukwu road is nearing completion.Faulks road is rallying to be like Aba road in Umuahia.Osusu road has gone through same delivery pangs of the rigid pavement cement technology as Eziukwu with the birth of a solid road fabricated to last for 10 years imminent.

There is no let to the Osisioma interchange.The final stages are nearing.Soon and very soon,that one too will be in the kitty.

Milverton and Ojike are already having anticipatory smiles of wearing their final black coaths,leading to anticipatory excitement that is infecting residents of Ngwa road,Obohia,Portharcourt road and the rest of them.

The big drainages that will swallow storm water and command them to rush to waterside are nearing completion.Something creative is also happening at Ogbor Hill.

Seeing some of these imaginative constructions,Aba people and indeed Abians have agreed that they would rather have these roads done the way you are doing them than having feel good political roads that are done to gain momentary accolades but that wont survive a season.

Your midas touch continues everywhere in Abia.I will mention one again.That Eze I.O Kanu road done in Afarakwu is significant and has shown the deep respect you have for royalty and every shade of opinion.True Abians are appreciative.The ones down up North of the state,numerous to mention,show that your development agenda is well spread.

True Abians understand and appreciate your efforts regarding the plight of pensioners and the giant steps you are taking to put smiles on their faces permanently.Already you have received commendation from the Nigerian Union of Pensioners.That on it’s own should embolden you to continue to stay on track.

Abia workers are wearing broad and unmistakable smiles these days.Their lot has improved with the implementation of the new minimum wage earlier than most states.

True Abians are happy that for the future of Abia sons and daughters,youths who are not directly from your loins,you travelled all the way to Australia to make sure they have an impactful future.You have shown that the future of a single Abia youth,just one youth,matters to you.

True Abians are also happy with the calibre of men and women you have in your present EXCO whose names I will not mention for obvious reasons.

True Abians see that refuse dumps are being evacuated timely.In Umuahia,its a new lease of life.In Aba,same efforts are being sustained to give us the cleaner environment we now have.

Abians are not blind.They are seeing clearer at night with the street lights that are emerging to encourage night life.The traffic lights will soon be extended and we will have less chaotic vehicular traffic.

We,Abians see new businesses sprouting here and there.The new secured atmosphere is an allure for them.

While you were away sir,a couple of your transducers had momentary repentance and apologised openly.Something overwhelmed them and they declared the self evident truth that you are the most tolerant Governor.They openly confessed that nobody else as governor would have so tolerated their brazen excesses than you.Momentarily,their keyboards clogged and they lost steam but what they do is for them like opium.

Do you also know that your opponents,those who wanted to come through the window to become Governor have all left Abia to where they where before they jumped suddenly into the terrain?Yes,they have retired to come again when the time sets.

They have ceased from every kind of political work.For them,politics and winning elective positions are by magic.You don’t have to engage,you don’t have to keep in touch with the locals and the strategic rural mass that constitute the critical voting strength of any party during election.Those locals have nauseating smell for their elitist noses.

They won’t start activities early in the units,wards,lgs not to talk of the state.
Facebook is where their politicking starts and ends.

Their only effective strategy is ferocious abuse and denegration of reputable people who win from the knowledge they have of how politics is played.

Their motley crowd of facebook activists encourage them to rely on the courts for what the real contest cannot afford them.They sustain facebook abuse in the hope that the courts will accept abuse and their delusion as evidence.They try protests.They blackmail.They are so very sore!

They say you cannot come back again.You have been quarantined in their sulky imaginations.And when you you show up,they begin again to talk and write.

Why did he go to his home town first?My goodness!

Why must he see his family before Abia?Are you sure he travelled?Why didn’t he raise a tent at Okpara square and make a show for them there?
Why can’t he stand ramrod straight as a human statue in front of Government House for all to behold and touch him?
We confirmed he came with coro.

Oh!they are so sore!

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