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By Great Imo Jonathan

I have been involved in Abia politics for a while, I have taken time to observe some happenings in the state and to understudy our political history. The truth is that Abia is potentially a great state, with all the ingredients that could make her the envy of other states in Nigeria if well governed. Especially, Abia is blessed with abundant natural and human resources. We have in excess intelligent men and women who have made their marks in different spheres of human endeavor and there are still many yet to be discovered.

This notwithstanding, Abia has been backward due to one unfortunate factor; the poverty of leadership. The abysmal quality of leadership in the state have made it difficult for her to be ushered into her glorious destiny. It doesn’t matter how much we argue it, the evidence is overwhelming, that even our neighbours can attest to it.

Whether anyone agrees with it or not, at least there is a consensus in thought that societies rise and fall on the alter of leadership and how high a people can fly will be determined by the wisdom of those who govern them.

Now, what worries me more is not the failure of leadership in the state but the inability of our people to get the quality of leadership they deserve. It is worrisome because as I earlier stated, Abia is blessed with intelligent men and women who have made their marks in different areas of human endeavor and who possess the qualities required to transform the state into a magnificent space. Despite the rich quality of men and women in the state, it has been led by the worst set of her people.

Hence, the question to ask is: why has it been difficult to get the right people to govern Abia? Why has it become difficult to select the best amongst the rest to lead the battle of development in the state?

These questions have led to many researches and brainstorming gatherings that have arrived all at the same answer. And the answer is simple; THE HERODIANS OF ABIA STATE have been exterminating stars.

The event of the last few weeks where some elements have sought to destroy the reputation of Dr. Uche Ogah, one of Abia”s greatest sons is a pointer to what has been happening in the state especially in the last 20 years. Some elements have constituted themselves into an evil company focused on destroying our stars and preventing those who have the best interest of the state at heart from being elected. At the slightest perception that a young man or a young woman has the capacity to make a difference in the state, these HERODIANS will gather themselves to go after him or her, either to defraud or to destroy.

Dr. Uche Ogah is arguably one of Abia’s shining stars whose impact in the state has gained global acknowledgement. Yet you can imagine the level of hatred being unleashed against him by this destructive elements for no reason. Despite all the good things he has done for the people of Abia state, these HERODIANS have continued to show anger against him. They have done same to many other stars of the state and they are not about to change.

We have seen these HERODIANS destroy many Abia sons and daughters who have attempted to make impact in the state, whether in business, in the public service or in politics, there are good Abians who have bitter stories to tell. At different strata of the state, from community to local governments areas and all the way to the state level, there are people who have constituted themselves into an evil company, they can’t see beyond their personal interest and they don’t believe in fair play. They can machinate all manner of wickedness out of envy and jealousy for anybody who is seen as a shining star and they are dangerously determined even to the point of taking human life.

THESE HERODIANS are the people up against Dr. Uche Ogah in their determination to keep the throne, impoverish the state and to continue to appropriate her resources to themselves and to their families. Their style is the same as that of HEROD, they are always focused on exterminating the stars, they are governed by their greed.

Historians tells us that King Herod (or Herod the Great, as he liked to be called) was a cruel, power-hungry ruler who destroyed anyone he feared was trying to topple him from his throne. He even killed several members of his own family because he thought they were plotting against him.

When a group of wise men (or scholars) came to Jerusalem shortly after Jesus was born they asked one question: Where could they find the newly-born king of the Jews? They added, “We have seen His star in the east and have come to worship him”. When word of this reached King Herod, he sent for them and urged them to find the child, so he could worship him, too. Like THESE HERODIANS pretended to do when Uche Ogah came to the scene, King Herod was pretending to want to worship when he wanted was to kill the child.

Herod was lying. His real goal was to destroy the child, fearing (illogically) that in time Jesus would take over his throne. God warned the wise men of Herod’s plot in a dream, and after Herod realized they had evaded him, he ordered the death of every child in Bethlehem below the age of two.

Herod wasn’t the last to try to destroy Christ and His people; even in our own day evil men and women rise up against God’s anointed. But they always fail.

A good understanding of THESE HERODIANS will give you a better perception of what Dr. Uche Ogah is up against. And many other Abia sons and daughters with the best of intentions who are being prevented from rebuilding their state. It is a matter of life and death for the determined HERODIANS and they will stop at nothing in accomplishing their mission.

Hence, I am afraid that many Abia stars may be cut down as many children who were born in the same era with Christ were made victims of HEROD’S desperate moves to keep the throne; except our people become wiser and see beyond the surface of politics.

Don’t take this for granted, pray for Dr. Uche Ogah and other Abia sons and daughters who have the interest of the state at heart, that the Blood of Jesus that speaks better things than the blood of Abel will speak for them. Some of them may be thinking of how to transform their local government areas while some may want to become legislators who will be the true representatives of their people. It doesn’t matter what their focus maybe, we need to pray that every Abia son or daughter who is determined to do good to the people of the state that God will protect them against THESE HERODIANS IN ABIA and give them victory in the end so that ABIA WILL REJOICE.

Great Imo Jonathan

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