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Dr. Obioma Orji: The intimidating heights of a selfless philanthropist.

Dr. Obioma Orji: The intimidating heights of a selfless philanthropist.

The act of naming a child is a global phenomenon. In Igbo land for instance, it is rooted in time that our parents and guardians name their children on account of circumstances surrounding their birth.

Even our grandparents are more epochal in situating both the historical, cultural and customary inclinations when giving out names to their grandchildren.

An Igbo adage succinctly captured it very adroitly that, ” Whatever name you give your child is his identity and his future behavioural pattern.

In general Igbo cosmology, when people bear such names like; Onwughara, Mbagwu, Ufomba, Ihemereonyeije, Odoemelam etc, it denotes that death must have dealth the family a devastating blow or he or she must have passed through trials in life.

However, i don’t know what must have motivated the parents of Dr. Obioma Orji to name him, OBIOMA.

Sensesionally and traditionally, his lifestyle is as his name indicates – OBIOMA ( GOOD HEART).

This is a young man that came from a humble background, had a humble beginning, endured days of hunger and want in the University, had the payments of his school fees delayed and even after graduation, faced many years of joblessness.

But, today his story has changed and one portion in the Bible that kept resonating in his head is; ” Do not despise the days of your little beginning” ( Zechariah 4: 10).

Dr. Obioma Orji has in a very short period behaved true to his name. He is a philanthropist par excellence, a general giver extraordinaire, who gives succour to the poor, offer hope to the hopeless, a husband to widows, and a friend to the youths with his numerous charity donations through his NGO ( Non Governmental Organization) – CROMARIA CARE FOUNDATION.

Never in the history of Umuosu, Umunna Nsulu, Isiala Ngwa North has there emerged a young man, who is unassuming, silent in riches and whose happiness is pivoted on humanitarian services and the happiness of others

This space cannot accommodate all that Dr. Obioma Orji has done over the years with the able assistance of his amiable, respectful and kind hearted wife, Mrs. Benedicta Chinyere Orji.

Mrs Benedicta overseas the foundation and shares the credit of it’s successes with her husband. She is indeed an intelligent and dependable backbone.

It is on record that Dr. Orji has been giving 1200 bags of fertilizers yearly to women of Umuosu Umunna Nsulu, including the neighboring villages.

He instituted a scholarship programme where about 80 indigent students are so far in his payroll. He has been silently assisting so many people through various kinds of empowerment; financial and business.


Only recently, the world woke up to the rude shock and confrontion by the global coronavirus pandemic.

It’s indeed a period indigent people are looking up for little help and Dr. Obioma Orji stepped forward and brought shocking palliatives to his people of Umuosu Umunna Nsulu and has become the most talked about personality in the whole community.

Dr. Obioma Orji donated 100 bags of rice, 50 bags of beans, 20 cans ( 25 litres each) of groundnut oil, 20 cartons of tomatoes paste, and 20 cartons of food seasoning.

In the past, his humanitarian services has attracted the likes of Hon. Ginger Onwusibe, Rt. Hon. Chikwendu kalu ( Former Speaker, Abia State House of Assembly) and just this last December, 2019, the present Speaker, Rt. Hon. Chinedum Orji graced his empowerment programme.

Please, kindly help me to thank Dr. Obioma Orji, EZINWA BU IHE of the Anglican Church.

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Biko, say a word to him, pray and encourage him, he will do more…..the reward of doing good is the encouragement to do more !

Prince Clinton Uba is the Publisher/CEO newsmirrorng.com

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