Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

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In Agriculture, the scholar in governance has not left anybody in doubt.

His footprints in all sectors of government are evidence of his thrive to leave a lasting legacy.

Agriculture is a very important sector of the economy. Production of food, raw materials for industries, revenue generation, empowerment and job creation are all important aspects of Agriculture.

In Abia, Government has continued to create jobs and provide food through so many initiatives which includes but not limited to

1.Mushroom production and training program

2. Launch of “Abia rice popularly called Osikapa Abia” and support for rice farmers.

3. Distribution of over 2,000,000 tenera specie seedlings of palm to farmers in the State.

4. Funding of commercial agriculture through grants and soft loans to farmers.

5. Provision of mechanized farming equipment across the state through leasing at affordable rates.

6. Enhanced commercial production of cocoa and cashew.

7. Direct provision of fertilizers to farmers at subsidized rates.

8. Enhanced poultry and fish production with phase 1 of 100 poultry pens of 2000 birds executed.

9. Constructed 165,000 capacity poultry processing plant at Umuosu. Additional two units for Abia North and South commenced.

10. 300 young Abia farmers benefitting from N2.5m per person grant as part of Farmpreneur project of world bank (FADAMA).

11. Reactivation of moribund Igu Dam with support from world bank (FADAMA III) for all year round rice production.

12. Construction of rural roads to enable farmers transport their produce to the city.

To be cont’d.

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