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Deputy Chief Of Staff Applauds Governor Okezie Ikpeazu For His Futuristic Approach To COVID-19

Deputy Chief Of Staff Applauds Governor Okezie Ikpeazu For His Futuristic Approach To COVID-19.
25th April, 2020.

The Deputy Chief of Staff to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State, in the Office of the Deputy Governor, Sir Don Ubani, has commended the Governor for thinking futuristically towards COVID-19.

Sir Ubani, who expressed his delight in the Governor in a Press Release he issued at Government House, Umuahia, applauded the Governor for timeously approving the Constitution of the State’s Post COVID-19 Economic Advisory Committee.

The Deputy Chief of Staff, who likened Governor Ikpeazu to late Emperor Michinomiya Hirohito of Post World War 11 Japan who, through exceptional wisdom and strategic planning, pulled his people out of the devastating effects of the Second World War to an unprecedented post war economic attainment and glory, stated that the Governor, by constituting a Post COVID-19 Economic Advisory Committee, has, no doubt, shown that effective leadership is synonymous with a Leader’s ability to think out of the box.

Sir Ubani, while expressing optimism that the Advisory Committee will achieve the objectives of its establishment, especially with the caliber of Personalities appointed by the Governor, including Prof Anya Kalu Anya, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Ms Arunma Otei, urged Abians to be both psychologically and spiritually prepared to face the challenges of the moment.

The Deputy Chief of Staff, who stated that the difference between a physical war and the current COVID-19 Pandemic only lies in the absence of bullets or bombs being fired, nonetheless observed that with the level of compliance with the preventive measures frequently released by the administration of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, Abians will surely overcome this pandemic and will have every cause to give praises to God Almighty.


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