Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

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Covid- 19: you will reap whatever you sowed one day

Covid- 19: you will reap whatever you sowed one day

Now our revered political leaders will understand what it means to be sick and the only place you can get treated is in our poorly equipped hospitals manned by undedicated workers who has no value for human lives.

Today their only hope for medical help are the doctors trained in our poorly equipped Universities and teaching hospitals which they refuse to fix.

These doctors who has been in and out of the hospital in the name strike actions to press for better condition of service and remuneration are now their last hope for survival.

Those who manned the ministry of health in past, who refused to develop it, but stole money to purchase choice properties in oversee country will now face the reality.

The day of accountability has come.

Could it that our leaders are feeling guilty for not fixing the health sector?

May be they are hoping that this epidemic would soon end for them to jet out of the country to service their health?

I pray so, but will they begin to do things differently when the epidemic must have been over? Time shall tell.

Now the reality of the saying “As you make your bed so will you lie on it” has come.

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