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COVID-19: Message from NACCIMA National President to members of NACCIMA.

COVID-19: Message from NACCIMA National President to members of NACCIMA.
My dear Chambers members, as the Corona Virus (COVID-19) global Pandemic enters a new and critical phase across the world, I wish to let you all know that you are on my mind. First, I will like to appeal to all of us to adhere strictly to the recommended safety measures to preserve our lives. At this period, we must take all precautionary measures to stay safe and alive during this period of global and national health crisis. Only then can we be there when the crisis is over to rebuild our lives and businesses.

I understand the immense psychological trauma we are all going through. But we must stay calm and be resolute in the fight to overcome the virus. At this period it is very important to keep to following safety measures as widely advised by the WHO and Nigerian Health Authorities:
1. Stay at Home.
2. Wash hands regularly with Water and Soap.
3. Maintain Physical distancing.
4. Adhere to our advice of our National and State health Authorities.
5. Share only useful and CREDIBLE information and support each other.

I want to use this opportunity to commend Federal and State Authorities on steps being taken to control and reduce the spread of the virus across the country and cooperation with the rest of the international community to end this Pandemic. We also note the recent setting up of the stimulus package by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and its setting up of the Nigerian Private Sector Coalition Against COVID-19. This private Sector Coalition is designed to mobilise private sector resources, increase general public awareness and secure the buy-in of the private sector to support government efforts. It is however necessary to make this Private Sector Coalition more inclusive and embrace the entire Organised Private Sector of Nigeria.

We must also continue to work at the State level, through our City and State Chambers, to deal with the crisis and make our own contribution to the fight against the spread of the disease no matter how little.

As the search for an enduring solution continues, we are encouraged by the various clinical trials including the Clinical Solidarity Trials in Norway announced by the WHO. We sincerely hope these clinical trials for a vaccine will yield the desired results.

For emphasis, I implore all NACCIMA members to practice social distancing effectively at this time, as this is the surest way to curb the spread of COVID-19 virus.

Finally, as the DG of the WHO recently said, “we must continue the fight, we must unite and ignite the industrial might… to stop the disease” and I add we must continue this fight and win it, to rebuild our lives and subsequently our businesses.

We will triumph and God will see us through.

Hajiya Saratu Iya Aliyu
National President/Chairman of Council

29th March, 2020.

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