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COVID-19: Arochukwu LGA chairman Mazi Jideofor will always do what is right to keep Arochukwu LGA safe

COVID-19: Arochukwu LGA chairman Mazi Jideofor will always do what is right to keep Arochukwu LGA safe

By Atu Lazarus

Governments of several countries are looking for how best to handle the current global COVID-19 pandemic that has ravaged the world and caused thousands of deaths across the globe.

Here in my LGA, several actions have been taken by the state government in a bid to ensuring overall safety and well-being of our people. But we must understand that Mazi Jideofor is a man who understands perfectly the place of rule of law in democratic governance. That’s why he always engage stakeholders in the process taking decisions on sensitive issues.

For those who have read the various press releases from the ministry of information, you will agree with me that widespread consultations were made between the government and religious leaders, transporters as well as local government council chairmen, before arriving at the various regulations concerning their operations in the state as we head for a lockdown aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the state, should we record any incident.

The state government’s position on restrictions of mass gathering and limiting social gathering to 20 persons and 50 persons for religious houses respectively is done in the best interest of our people.

Staying at home is not an easy task but we just have to learn self isolation. Because that’s the only way to stay alive in these moments of uncertainty. This is the time we need to show our collective responsibility towards keeping each other safe by providing the right information our fellow citizens as well as the government. This is not the time to create panic and sell false news because of the severity of the issues we are dealing with at the moment.

Mazi Jideofor has always emphasized that NCDC and World Health Organisation directives of social distancing and self isolation are the most potent preventive measures aimed at fighting the spread of COVID-19.

It’s in our collective interest to support the state government’s efforts towards keeping our people safe by abiding by these instructions. Adequate preventive measures should be taken by citizens in order to stay safe while government on its part is doing everything possible to bring the situation under control.

While the Abia state government is setting up isolation centers across the state towards ensuring that the best medical attention is given to people at the state isolation centre should we have to deal with any case, we look up to the almighty God in times of uncertainty such as this considering the level of devastation COVID-19 has had on the global economy.

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