Tue. Sep 27th, 2022

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Chief Uzo Ihuka is humane

Chief Uzo Ihuka is humane

Considering the sacred nature of our work as authors and journalists alike, it behoves on us as harbingers of the truth conscience bearers of the society to unveil some rare breeds whom Nature has blessed our world with. Uzo Ihuka is one of them.

Chief Uzo Ihuka in his humane approach to life and in his dealings with earthmen, has been a hope to the hopeless through building of modern houses for the poor. Paying of tution fees for students from indigent homes. Mentoring young entrepreneurs and empowering them. His hospitality is second to none; no wonder he has become a successful business man in the hospitality industry.

Ike Oha is humility personified. A man down to earth, ready to give you listening ears no matter how illogical your positions may sound and how ungrammatical you sentences may be structured.

Sir, your philanthropic testimonies abound. I will allow posterity to scribble them down for the unborn generation.


May the Almighty Author of good fortune be pleased with you now and always.

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