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Dear undergraduate/ job applicant,
You do know that there are thousands of people graduated from the tertiary institution every year and then the “job hunt ” starts. There are many people scouting for that same position you are looking for with academic qualifications as good as yours or even higher qualifications. Do you think all you need for that top position is just your academic certificate?
Wake up.

Lat week, I was opportuned to sit with some company interviewers while they interviewed the applicants and after many applicants had been disqualified, I had to ask one of them why the disqualification. He simply said “they don’t have what we are looking for “. That reply hit me hard and the question now is “what are they looking for”.

You see,
Every company/institutions have what they are looking out for and many of those things are beyond your certificate. It is good you have your wonderful certificate and an appealing CV but beyond that, what can you bring to the table? You want to be an accountant, can you work with Ms excel (to even start with)?, or a computer scientist, have you heard about coding and what do you know about it?, an economist, do you have any idea of project management? Unfortunately, many graduates can’t prepare a document with Ms word. Are you on this table?😁

Skills count. You can’t just rely on your academic certificate to be a sought after person (many people have same certificate); get skills that will distinguish you from the crowd of applicants, skills that will make them be like “this is the right person”. Companies pay for value now not academic qualifications. Add value (skills) to that smart brain.


  • Ms excel
  • Coding
  • Content creation and writing
  •  Project management
  • Public speaking
  • Copyrighting
  • CV review
  • Web development
  •  you can add yours in the comments

* Skillshare
* Lynda
* Udemy
* Ted ed
* Edx
* Khan Academy
* Coursera
* you can add yours in the comments

PS: There is no guarantee that these skills will fetch you that job immediately but they will give you an edge over many applying for same position and they will give you a feeling of self-confidence and worth.

* Get more skills that are connected to your profession, passion or your livelihood.

* Many of these courses are free but even if you have to pay for them, DISCIPLINE yourself and do that; it won’t cost you your life. In life you have to pay for something, you either pay for wisdom or for foolishness.

*Don’t be found lacking in credibility when opportunity knocks.

Nnaji, Fortune

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