Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

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As Nigeria Locks down!!! Onyendi Victor Kelechi

As Nigeria Locks down!!!
Onyendi Victor Kelechi

Without mincing words, the lock down will only affect the bigger population who are the poor.

The rich has stocked in their stores items that will last for over two years or more than that. The are basking in euphoria of Coronavirus pandemic blessings.

The poor are thinking about the ways to survive, the best ways to suit and overcome this immediate constraint and obstacle.

Of course, there is no parliative measure to cushion the effects of the seat at home strategy. In other countries there are adequate arrangements to take care of their citizens but here we are at the mercy of the Most High

With much pains, up till now there is not conoravirus diagnostic center in the whole of South East, so how can we say that total lock down is the best option whereas predominant number of people does not even know their Coronavirus status? I should have suggested that we should have conducted a test on our people then match it actions to curb the outrageous spread of the pandemic.

To the citizens, we are not doing ourselves any good. How can we hike the prices of commodities just because of COVID 19? How can a kehke operator decides to collect N100 from waterside to Opobo junction because of social distancing? How can we reconcile that hand sanitizer and face mask prices has just skyrocketed? How can we say that prices of food items are now at it’s highest price? Not government here but man’s inhumanity to man in times of natural difficulties.

There are many frustrations in the land, there are many confusion in the land.

The questions, remains what, how and where the ways to cushion the effect of this pandemic ramvaging the country?

We will survive it

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