Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

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A good legislator communicates with his constituents, (this is an overwhelming task, but it’s important) he returns phone calls, answer e-mails and letters, have town hall meetings and makes himself approachable and responsible to the people he represents.

A good legislator makes out time to listen, wine and dine with his constituents, celebrates with them when they are celebrating and also sorrows with them when they are in sorrow. (Though your constituents will not always agree with you, but they will respect you for thinking through the issues and levelling with them).

A good legislator does not always criticize the government. Of course, tearing down government in power diminishes one’s ability to solve problems in the legislature, “when you demean the institution you demean yourself”.

A good legislator never forgets his electoral promises while in office, rather he works as hard as he can to fulfill those promises. Bearing in mind the purpose why he ran for office, to make a difference, a difference for the better.

When a good legislator makes a speech on the floor, he always makes sure that the topic is something that’s important and beneficial to the masses or the people he represents.

The most effective legislator is the one who speaks only ones or twice during the session. Yet when he does all eyes are on him and everyone listen.

Senator T.A.Orji is a good legislator!!!

One fact which is not in doubt is the determination of Sen.T.A.Orji to confront projects that are needful to his constituents and beyond irrespective of their seize or the enormity of the resources needed for their execution.

Sen.T.A.Orji has boldly(…as a lion) confronted the factors that held his constituency down and he is not relenting in his determination to ensure that by the time he concludes his eight years in office as Senator representing Abia Central Senatorial Zone, his name would have been etched in Gold in the minds of his constituents and beyond.

Chinweuba Wachukwu

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