Sat. Sep 24th, 2022

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The attention of the management of Abia Reporters has been drawn to a call by an unknown fellow going about with the number 07039142117 claiming to be Mr. Charles, the admin of Abia Reporters for an invitation to hold an online meeting with a pin code been requested from members of the platform.

The management wishes to state as follows:

1. That the said caller is a scammer and the call should be disregarded by members of the platform.

2. That no management member of Abia Reporters online media platform or the admin Mr. Charles has invited any member or Members of the platform to any physical or online meeting.

3. That members should take more security measures towards protecting their personal phone against scammers.

4. That members should be aware that scammers are gearing towards taking advantage of the current Covid-19 pandemic issue ravaging the world today.

5. That management of Abia Reporters is poised towards protecting the interest of its members in the platform by consciously disseminating  true and unbiased information ( NEWS) and does no other online business.

6. That the management of Abia Reporters is at the verge to track down anyone in such a scandalous act, and the person must be dealt with according to the Law.

7. Be rest assured that we are ever committed towards giving you the best services.

Remain ever blessed.


Barr (Mrs) Nkechi Charles
Director Legal Services

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