Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

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Abia Youths: Perish the thought that you won’t be used

Abia Youths: Perish the thought that you won’t be used.

Oh sure, you will be used.
You will be messed with.
That’s part of your story.

Disappointments will surge in torrents.

But, if you live consciously….
If you approach any dealings with an end in mind, the story might be different early enough.

Sons and daughters of Abia, learn how to ask.

Never assume that your boss knows you are suffering.
Make demands.

Above all, be loyal.

Do more than you are being paid for.
Be truthful to him/her.

Do everything legitimate to be slightly indispensable.
If possible, cultivate the wife or husband.

By all means, avoid his/her daughters.

Run away from inflating the cost doing business.

When sent on an errand, never appropriate his/her ‘balance’.
Never befriend alcohol.
Avoid getting angry easily.
Talk less.

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Remember to have option B.
Above all, no one really likes you, but your attitude makes the difference.
Paddy wishes you well.

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