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Aba to the World under Dr. Ikpeazu.

Aba to the World under Dr. Ikpeazu.

The campaign for made in Aba speaks directly to the people’s energy, commitment and hard work. Governor Ikpeazu has made it a global discussion, that is the confidence that promotes passion .

It is therefore important to attribute some of the success of the campaign to strong patronage and promotion enjoyed by artisans from the State Government.

The speed at which Aba is going and the level of development is unprecedented. Since Sam Mbakwe left, no other person have done that.

Aba brings memories that touch very soft nerves. From post war, there were issues that immediately after the war; it was difficult to rebuild all kinds of infrastructure and Aba incidentally was one of the few cities that accommodated everybody.

In one of his outings, Dr. Ikpeazu observed that many people have fond memories of Aba and that includes folks from outside Igbo land.

Aba is everybody’s city because everything that happens in Aba affects people, not just from the South-east, but across Nigeria.

Dr Ikpeazu’s electioneering campaign focused on what can be done to rebuild Aba as an enabler for rebuilding Abia and even Igbo land.

Aba, in terms of Geography, is strategically located at the confluence of South-east and South-south Nigeria, as it shares borders with Imo, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, and others. Therefore, whatever affects them, also affects Aba.

The flux between the cities and the commercial activity, the energy and power that Aba exudes has become a strong anchor or nectar for all kinds of development including with commerce and industry. Aba has at least 15 markets, which are sectionalized according to the needed items.

If you want to drive development quickly, you can’t take away Aba, especially in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.

Aba captured 3 of the 5 pillars of development of this administration, hence, the impossibility to ignore Aba.

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