November 28, 2022

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Ncheta Omerekpe deliver school buildings, skills acquisition in record time.

“Without education, most people may not have the capacity to harness our God given talents and potentials, this is the reason i embarked on building schools and giving out scholarship to our children. I want our youths to have access to quality education in a conducive learning environment aimed to enhance their chances of facing the future with pride.

It will be my pleasure to see the children of palm wine tappers, carpenters, hunters become Medical Doctors, Governors and the President of Nigeria.
– Ncheta Okoro Emerekpe, 2019.

With the quote above and his implicit believe in the globally accepted axiom that, the most powerful weapon to change the world is through education, Ncheta Okoro Omerekpe is currently bequeathing an academic legacy to Umuakwu Nsulu, his home town as they say “charity begins at home”, with plans to replicate the feat in other places.

He strongly belief that education will not only reduce heinous crimes in our society, his take is that, when youths are educated and meaningfully engaged, they will contribute immensely to nation building.

Necheta Omerekpe therefore embarked and finished the construction of two new school buildings of 5 – classrooms each with offices and six convenience facilities at Umuakwu Primary and Secondary schools respectively and without fun fair. This silent achiever is happy and has every sense of fulfilment to touch lives positively.

He had already completed two ultra modern skills acquisition center and plans are in top gear to begin the training of Abians in various skills, irrespective of your Local Government of origin.

NCHETA OMEREKPE FOUNDATION has been quietly dishing out scholarship to undergraduates and seriously expanding the frontiers of the scholarship programme to reach more people.

Once again, let us appreciate this young man who has done and still doing so much for humanity at just 50 years !

Uba is Director, Media and Publicity/ BOT Member and Secretary, Ncheta Omerekpe Foundation and Publisher/CEO of

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