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2020 Mother’s Sunday and the lessons therein.

2020 Mother’s Sunday and the lessons therein.

When in 1865, William Ross Wallace published his poem entitled ‘ What Rules the World ‘ , he never imagined that the echoes of the refrain of that poem ‘ THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE IS THE HAND THAT RULES THE WORLD ‘ shall continue to reverberate.
In that poem, William Wallace took time to praise motherhood as the preeminent force for change in the world!
Annually, different Christian denominations dedicate a particular Sunday to celebrate mothers nay women in their various churches.
For those of us who are Catholics, this yearly celebration is fixed on a Sunday that immediately follows the solemnity of the annunciation of Mary , Mother of God (March 25th)who in essence is the model of all mothers!.
This year’s celebration was to hold today , March 29th , 2020 but it was suspended for the good of all by the Church’s hierarchy. According to a release by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), the reason was simple ‘ it was to break the transmission of the coronavirus (covid-19)which requires extreme measure and demands the collaborative efforts of one and all’.
Suffice to mention is that across Nigeria, all the members of the Catholic Women Organisations have worked tirelessly and looked forward to this day ,not just to celebrate themselves but most importantly to appreciate God for the gift of motherhood as well extend their usual gestures of love to the less privileged in our society.
Listening to many women react to the suspension notice, all expressed their support for the postponement especially as it is geared towards the protection of human lives and in so doing, extend further, that indescribable love mothers nay women have for their children and family as a whole.
For us in the Mater Dei Cathedral Parish, for the first time , we had 20 masses celebrated this morning. We had 6.30am, 7.30am, 8.30am,9.30am and 10.30am masses. What this meant is that for each schedule, we had 5 masses that ran concurrently. At each of the liturgical celebrations, not more than 50 persons were allowed in the 5 places of worship within the cathedral premises. Most importantly, the masses lasted just for one hour in each stream! Seeing everyone excitedly adjusting to the change was most encouraging.
Back to my reflection on the suspension of the 2020 Mother’s Day activities ,this action gives credence to this saying that ‘man proposes, but God disposes ‘ and most importantly makes true our belief in the word of God that ‘everything works for good for those who love God; those who are called by his name’.
I encourage you my friends and family, to take out some time this day to thank God with and for us for the gift of motherhood and deliberately spare some little time to offer a simple act of appreciation to our mothers and at same time pray for the repose of the souls of those mothers who had gone ahead of us.
May God bless all mothers. Amen.

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