Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

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Yesterday morning, I got a DM on messenger, one of my protégé asked for my permission to give out my number to a family in Abia State that desperately needed to report a case of sexual molestation. I said okay, but on one condition. I told him to let them know that if I take up their case I won’t look back until justice is gotten for the child and also, child undergoes therapy.

I stopped handling rape cases since last year. Why? Most parents end up wasting my and other people’s time and energy. And even resources. When we go all out, getting involved Office of the Wife of the Governor, FIDA, and other relevant authorities, the Parents will decide to forgive the alleged perpetrator halfway into the case. Making us look stupid.

So, the family called me. The father of the 11 year old boy spoke to me so passionately and sadly. It broke 😭 my heart. I can’t even imagine someone doing this to my 11 year old son Uchenna. Lord have mercy 🙏

The story is that the owner of the school the boy was attending (they have changed his school now), the man SODOMIZED this little boy. He has been preying on him for a while now and on that fateful day, that is, 10 days ago, he took him out where they were preparing for their cultural day event and brought him to his office, put wrapper in his mouth and did whatever on him. He gave him #1000 naira and asked him to keep it top secret

The boy left there with so much pain. He got home and refused to talk until his Dad forced the information out of his mouth. They reported to the police, and even went to FMC for treatment and all. The case has been slow with the police, but I invited them this morning to a humanitarian radio show I’ve been a part of in Abia State. It’s a show where we try to get justice for all.

The Federal Commissioner of Public Complaints Commission has taken over the case fully and we will definitely get justice for this little boy and others who may have fallen victim to that pedophile parading as a Lawyer and school owner

Please speak out. Let’s stop this madness in our society 😡 😠 #notopedophilia it’s affecting our children. Stop it.


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